Focus on Yourself


Illness is a culmination of many things. Being aware of the landscape of your health will inform your path to recovery. Discover how making the right choices in your daily life can transform your health. It is not magic formulas or impressive routines that make a difference, rather making the right choices in the ordinary stuff of daily life. Whether you have been diagnosed with an illness, such as cancer, or you are looking to improve your health, we will empower you to approach your next steps with calmness, resilience, and renewed hope using the power of ordinary.

Medicine and Healing


More and more, we discover that medicines merely treat the symptoms of our illnesses but do not address the underlying issues that cause disease. To become whole again, means looking at the person, not a diagnosis.


The Wellness Script’s holistic approach addresses the underlying causes of disease. By complementing traditional medical care, it can improve the effectiveness of your treatment and help prevent recurrence. You will develop the skills to approach your challenges in ways that foster better health and life satisfaction.

“Healing is a transformation not a cure.

It involves acceptance and being at peace with yourself

With a renewed ability towards greater levels of health and wellbeing”

-Jon Kabat Zinn

Our Approach:

We provide a medically-led personalised care. At the core of what we do is to see you as an individual with your own needs, your own concerns and your own specific treatment options. We offer the following:

Discuss medical issues you may have relating to the management of your illness. 

This is not a second opinion service, rather to support you with the issues that are of concern to you.

We will help you gain psychological flexibility to connect with the life that matters to you despite the fears and uncertainties that life brings.

A healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone of wellbeing. We will guide you in making informed choices about nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and self-care practices. Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and nurture your body and mind.

Knowledge is power. We will provide you with reliable information, resources, and educational materials to enhance your understanding of your condition and treatment options. With this knowledge, you will be equipped to actively participate in your care and make informed decisions.



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