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6 Ways to Reset your Hormones with Food

Hormones can affect our mood, our weight and even our sex drive. Stress, poor diet and trauma are just a few of the contributing factors to hormonal imbalances, but Dr. Sara Gottfried, a gynecologist and author of “The Hormone Cure”.

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Calm & Confident (Part 2): The Adrenal Fatigue Link

How Superwomen Stay Sane: The Adrenal Fatigue Link. In this second article in a two-part series, three WellnessScript clinicians–Dr. Tiffany Mullen, functional medicine doctor, Dr. Julie Briley, naturopathic doctor, and Patty Stark, health & wellness coach–provide helpful tips on treating adrenal fatigue.

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Calm & Confident (Part 1): How Superwomen Stay Sane

There are 168 hours in a week, so there should be plenty of time to indulge in a few self-care hours, right? Put your feet up. Lounge in the tub. Hit a yoga class or two. Binge watch Real Housewives.

So why do we feel like there is no time left at the end of the week when all of the other priorities are scratched off the list?

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Biohack Your Genetics to Unlock Your Superpowers

Everyone knows that genetics are hardwired: little coils of protein and cement determining our fate. Unchangeable, out of our control. We are at their mercy, right? Wrong.

You might find it fascinating to know that only about 20-30% of what makes us healthy is determined by genetics. The other 70-80% is determined by our behaviors (how much we exercise, how we eat, how we handle stress) and social circumstances (whether we have our basic needs met).

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Happy Hormones: Improving Your Mood, Enhancing Your Libido, and Clearing Your Thinking (What All Superwomen Should Know)

These days it isn’t easy NOT to be Superwoman (sorry for the double negative Mom). We work full-time, have kids, and make our way through an increasingly overwhelming world. Things ping at us all day long (and sometimes all night too). My friend Kelly refers to this as “Tyranny of the Beeps.” It’s real, and it’s really annoying.

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Supergirl Beauty Hacks: Using Your Superpowers For Good

We all pretend like we don’t care what we look like on a given day. We’re Superwomen–we’re too busy saving humanity to notice.
Deep down we’d love to lose that extra weight, have shinier hair, less bags under the eyes, less ragged-looking fingernails (never mind toenails, ugh). Short of being adopted by the Kardashians (now THAT’S a beauty budget!), what’s a Supergirl to do?

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Superwoman Feeling Zapped? How to Improve Energy Stamina and Focus

YES! Energy, Stamina, and Focus Can be Improved.

Superwoman Syndrome seems like it is becoming more and more common. Burdened by work, family life, and the desire to do and be more and more with less and less, Superwomen sacrifice sleep, nutrition, and healthy management of stress. Read on to understand one of the most common clinical outcomes of Superwoman Syndrome: adrenal fatigue.

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Superwoman Syndrome: Is it real?

Superwoman Syndrome describes the modern-day woman’s attempt to do it all. She works (often in demanding, high-paced professions), she organizes the family home and keeps it running, she takes on the lion’s share of childcare.

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