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DNA & Genomics Therapies




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What is Genomics?


Every living organism has DNA – a code that directs its biological functions and influences how it grows and interacts with the environment. Genomics is the science of understanding, interpreting and harnessing this DNA code (also called “genes”) to create personalized approaches to health.

What Can My DNA Tell Me?


Ever since the Human Genome Project (which created a complete catalogue of all human genes) was completed in 2003, we have had a rapid increase in our understanding of how genes affect many of the body’s functions. But there is still much to learn. At WellnessScript, we provide tests that are validated with extensive research.

Our primary focus is on health-related genomic testing. Our tests can help you understand your need for certain supplements, provide clues on healthy eating and optimal exercise, and uncover whether you might develop high cholesterol or diabetes.

We also use genomic testing help explain why you’re sensitive to certain medications, foods, or chemicals, as well as help people gain insight into difficult-to-treat fatigue, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and addictive behaviors. We then offer natural and pharmaceutical approaches to help.

How Do I Test My Genomics?


Genomic testing is performed simply through a saliva test or a swab of your inner cheek. Your WellnessScript clinician will help you choose whether genomic testing is right for you and which tests to perform, and then create a personalized plan that is designed to get you healthy–and keep you healthy–for the long-run.

Already Tested Your Genomics Somewhere Else?


No problem. In many cases, we can use your previous tests to create your personalized plan.

What Happens Next?


When your personalized genomic plan is complete, you’ll meet with your WellnessScript clinician to discuss how to make your results actionable. We will often recommend additional tests be done alongside your genomic testing (for example, a nutrition test or cholesterol panel) so that all results can be analyzed and included in your plan. And of course all of our testing can be done in the comfort of your own home.

If supplements are recommended by your WellnessScript clinician, we’ll create convenient personalized daily packets for you and ship them right to your home. We use only physician-grade supplements, saving you the hassle of having to sort through multiple choices to figure out which supplements are best for you.

Why WellnessScript?


At WellnessScript, we believe every person is unique. We don’t practice “cookie cutter medicine”,  striving instead to understand your specific needs and personalizing every step of your experience.

We bring together top holistic experts and make them easily available to help solve your health issues.  Our clinicians have advanced training and years of experience in uncovering the root cause, unpacking and treating problems that traditional medicine fails to address.

We  believe you shouldn’t go out of your way to address your concerns so everything we do–video appointments,  lab testing, supplements and compounded medications–is easily available to you, right at home.

We believe that you shouldn’t feel alone when you’re dealing with a health problem. We’ll help you navigate the process, providing support, reminders, encouragement, and relevant information along the way.