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Health & Wellness Coaching

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Health and Wellness Coaches partner to help you make lasting changes–aligned with your values–that promote health and wellness and enhance well-being. In the course of their work, health and wellness coaches honor that each client is an expert on his or her life while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental.

How can a Health and Wellness Coach Help Me?


Health and Wellness Coaches serve as guides and support mentors to help you cultivate positive health choices. They empower you to take responsibility for your health and support your efforts to implement and sustain healthy lifestyle changes.

Health and Wellness Coaches are particularly helpful with losing weight, dealing with food cravings, improving sleep and energy, dealing with stress, and changing eating habits. While these are some of the most common things a Health and Wellness Coach can help with, you can receive support from a coach for virtually any lifestyle-related issue with which you need help.

Patty Stark M Ed, FMCHC,

Wellness Coach

For most of my life, I tried to find doctors who would be partners on my health journey and work with me to decide on the best response to my concerns. Doctors’ busy schedules rendered my efforts fruitless — until I met Tiffany Mullen. From the first visit, Dr. Mullen listened as I described my struggle with insomnia. Instead of suggesting over the counter remedies, she helped me realize as we talked that I was on a stress trajectory that might send me to the hospital if I didn’t make some lifestyle

After my eyes were opened to the possibilities of doctor-patient dialogue and answers that went beyond a pill for an ill, I decided to continue this holistic mindset with training to become a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

As a coach, I am passionate about collaborating with clients to achieve their personal wellness goals.  For one client, it might be dealing with a sense of exhaustion as a new mother. For another client, it might be making small dietary changes to reduce blood sugar.  I will provide guidance that is both safe and empowering, reflections that are non- judgmental and insightful, and a perspective that is grounded in professional training. Wherever you are on your health journey, I look forward to supporting you.

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Health & Wellness Coach

$195 Starter Package: 1hr Consult & 3 Follow-ups


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Patty Stark M ED, FMCHC


Starter Package: $195 (includes one 60-minute new visit and three 30-minute follow-up visits)

Follow-up Package: $120 (includes three 30-minute follow-up visits—can only be purchased after a Starter Package)

Book One Appointment: $100 for 60 min, $50 for 30 min

Expertise: Support in gradual and positive lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise or movement, and relationships.