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Our Story

“At WellnessScript, we believe you deserve personalized, convenient and affordable care. We take the time to get to know you–your needs, preferences, and lifestyle–and then partner with you to help you relieve symptoms and optimize health.” 

– Dr. Tiffany Mullen, Co-Founder

Dr. Tiffany Mullen, DO, FABFM, ABoIM, Co-Founder

I began my medical career at the tender age of 16 months. Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, my first role in health care–that of a patient with a chronic disease–dominated my life until adulthood. I experienced firsthand the difficulties of living with an unpredictable, painful illness; of having limitations placed on my physical activities; of having rude and dismissive physicians; of navigating a confusing and frightening health care system. And I used these experiences to positively shape my approach to living and practicing medicine.

In medical school, I was astonished that there was rarely any focus on health and wellness. There was no meaningful education about nutrition or exercise or even stress. When I finally had face-to-face time with real patients, I found that often these were the exact reasons people weren’t healthy. My patients were overweight. Insurance did not cover nutritional counseling. My patients had complicated problems. I had 10 minutes to try to help. Their needs were not being met, and either were mine. Frustrated, I turned to new training to fill in the gaps–integrative medicine and functional medicine. Now I was equipped to help guide patients through difficult symptoms, to address lifestyle and provide patients with the care they needed.

This became my practice for over 15 years. Patients traveled from other states–and even other countries–to receive the care they wanted. This seemed unnecessary and very inconvenient, especially at a time when our friends and family were available to Skype or FaceTime at a moment’s notice. And so we created WellnessScript–a personalized, holistic, safe and natural healthcare solution, powered by technology and backed by latest science and clinical expertise. It allows us to provide the best integrative and functional medicine has to offer, meet with patients wherever they are, and spend the time required to reverse their problems, not just cover their symptoms with prescriptions.

I look forward to knowing you and being a partner in your health. Book Appointment

Dr. Alex Yampolsky PharmD, Co-Founder

From my early days as a pharmacist intern, I preached about spending more time with patients and trying to make a difference through education and empowerment. I continued this quest as I worked in different roles in several companies. Finally, after 10 years as a pharmacist, I set out to change the world of pharmacy on my own. I envisioned a pharmacy that truly cares, a pharmacy that has relationships with patients, not transactions. A pharmacy that utilizes technology, not to simply cut costs, but instead to improve access, safety, and care. However, something very fortunate happened that radically changed my approach and plans. I discovered American Anti-Aging Academy and Metabolic Medicine Institute and learned how functional and anti-aging medicine are revolutionizing healthcare. I learned that many terrible health conditions can be prevented, some can even be reversed. I learned that if we don’t just treat the symptom, but instead ask “why does the symptom exist,” we can uncover the root cause of illness. And we can fix it.

I also learned about hormonal imbalances, how prevalent they are, and how poorly addressed they are by allopathic medicine. I discovered the latest in personalized medicine and how genetics and our environment impact our medical and nutritional needs.

And finally, I started noticing hormonal imbalances in my own life:

  • It turned out that I had adrenal fatigue (actually called HPA axis dysfunction). I was always tired, needed coffee to get going, was gaining weight, losing hair, had trouble sleeping and the list goes on. And I was only 34. I thought I just needed rest, but rest was never enough.
  • I saw a close friend go through terrible postpartum depression and the impact it had on her young family.
  • I saw my mom struggle through menopause and how miserable it made her.
  • I started noticing that many friends, patients, colleagues were dealing with various bits and pieces of hormonal imbalance without realizing what it was and how easily it could be fixed.

And so came WellnessScript – a personalized, holistic, safe and natural healthcare solution, powered by technology and backed by latest science and clinical expertise. It combines Dr. Mullen’s and my passion for building caring relationships, empowering people through information, fixing health problems, and for making a meaningful difference in someone’s life – because nothing is more rewarding to either of than that.

We invite you to try our service and tell your friends and family about it. Book Appointment


What is WellnessScript?

At WellnessScript, we believe you deserve personalized, convenient and affordable care. We take the time to get to know you--your needs, preferences and lifestyle--and then partner with you to help you relieve symptoms and optimize health. WellnessScript is a comprehensive service that offers everything under one roof: yours.

We offer:

  • Personalized medicine consults: bring us your most troubling symptoms and your health goals and we’ll help get you there. Our experienced clinicians are compassionate, smart and have gone the extra mile to get trained in integrative, functional, anti-aging or naturopathic medicine.
  • In-home pharmacy: Didn’t think you could have a pharmacy in your home? Think again. We deliver everything you need--from pharmaceuticals to supplements to compounded medications--to your doorstep. If traditional pharmacies annoy you as much as they annoy us, you’re going to love never having to set foot in one again.
  • In-home lab testing: Labs can be done at home too? Yes. Nearly all lab testing we order can be conveniently and comfortably completed in your home or office.
  • Obsessively dedicated support: responsive, compassionate clinicians and support staff are at your service.
Why hasn’t my doctor mentioned this kind of option for me?

Many people (including many healthcare providers) are unaware of the role different hormones and nutrients play in human health, or how seriously an imbalance can impact long-term health. Interestingly, optimal health is never discussed in medical and pharmacy school training! This leaves most clinicians woefully unprepared to help patients achieve personalized, optimal health and well-being.

If you’ve ever tried to discuss your fatigue, or your mood changes or your difficulty sleeping with your doctor and walked out with a stack of prescriptions you are not alone. There is simply not enough time in a traditional medical visit to be meaningfully helpful. We find this approach as frustrating as you do--so we set out to fix it. At WellnessScript, you will never experience “drive-through medicine”. Ever.

Aren’t hormonal changes normal?

They sure are. However, at a certain point in life (for some in their early 30's) hormonal changes can create symptoms that impact your quality of life. Many people think that they have to tolerate these symptoms--weight gain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, low sex drive--as a fact of getting older. We don’t buy that.

In fact, research suggests that in order to maintain good physical and mental health, we should not accept it! Maintaining optimal balance and levels of hormones promotes and improves quality of life and prevents (and even reverses) many of the degenerative illnesses commonly associated with aging.

Do you prescribe bioidentical hormones?

Yes. Our certified compounding pharmacy produces high-quality bioidentical hormones, fully customized for you and shipped to your home.

Do you offer non-traditional medications for thyroid treatment?

We offer a complete functional medicine approach to thyroid treatment, including in-depth testing, prescribing of all thyroid medications (including Armour, NP-Thyroid, West-Throid and Nature-Throid as well as compounded thyroid medications). Our supplement packets can include specific nutrients for thyroid support and are customized for you based on actual blood levels (no guessing!).

What kind of lab testing do you offer?

We partner with labs that offer the highest clinical quality and have a long history of delivering results that can be trusted. Some examples of our lab partners include:

  • Genova Diagnostics
  • ZRT Laboratories
  • Pathway Genomics
  • EpigeneticsRx
What types of supplements do you provide?

At WellnessScript, we only use physician-grade supplements in our daily packs. We partner with companies such as Orthomolecular, Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations, Integrative Therapeutics and Nordic Naturals because of their exceptional purity and quality standards. We only provide supplements we would take ourselves (and we’re picky!)

Holistic Health Care. Everywhere.