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Patricia Kaufman, MS, CCN, LDN

Board-certified Clinical Nutritionist

About Patricia Kaufman

As a functional nutritionist and board-certified clinical nutritionist, I understand that no ‘one plan’ works for everyone because of our different nutritional needs, goals, and lifestyles. I collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive whole-body functional nutrition program that works best for you and is easy to adjust and maintain, resulting in long-lasting benefits.

Whether it’s increased energy and health, optimal weight, assistance with medically-related issues, improved athletic success, or to feel better, we will craft an optimal plan for achieving your health and lifestyle goals.

I have a masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States and am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Health and Performance. I’m a true believer in staying well-informed and educated about the impacts and effects of nutrition on health, as well as performance. I enjoy digging deep into evidence-based nutrition research and taking part in continuing education programs, including gut microbiome, detoxification, energy efficiencies, thyroid function, Type 2 Diabetes, endocrine disruptors, health impacts of environmental toxins, body composition, and sports performance. In doing so, it gives me a better depth of knowledge for exploring and finding solutions for you to prevent and manage your health issues through diet and lifestyle modifications.

In my free time, I enjoy participating in endurance events, including marathons, and 50K and 50-mile trail runs. I have completed numerous marathons (including 6 Boston marathons), and ironman’s, so I know first-hand the importance of nutrition and its role in both athletic performance and overall health.

I’m also active in my community. I work with a Harvest Kitchen program that feeds hundreds of homeless individuals, I volunteer my nutritional services to those in need and high school athletes, and I work with grade school girls on having a healthy body image.

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Starter Package: $295 (includes one 60-minute new visit and three 30-minute follow-up visits)

Follow-up Appointment: $75 for 30 min/$150 for 60 min

ExpertiseFunctional nutrition, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol and lipid abnormalities, type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, weight loss.

Clinical Experience: 3.5+ years practicing functional nutrition. Board-certified clinical nutritionist, Master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine.