The Power of Ordinary

“Make the ordinary come alive.”

Illness is often our bodies way of communicating to us that we need to stop and look at what has gone awry. The usual first port of call when we are ill is the doctor. We put all our faith in that they will be able to “cure” us. There’s a shift in the balance of power when we begin to think this way. We forget that the doctor can help but their intervention is not the only thing that will make a difference, and what we do ourselves has an enormous impact.

Taking charge of one’s health can be a daunting prospect. There is so much information that knowing where to start is not easy and can be overwhelming. Before embarking on a new lifestyle regimen, it is important to get back to the basics and look at what you are actually doing now.

The building blocks to healthy living are achievable, and entirely within your reach – they do not need to involve exotic regimens or rituals. For example, looking at diet and nutrition, you will find diets many suggestions – Gerson therapy, the alkaline diet, ketogenic diets, macrobiotic diets…not to mention fasting! When it comes to exercise, what is your preference? Yoga, Qi Gong, resistance exercise, Pilates, aerobic, HIIT…And then there is mediation, sleep advice – such as the 10 3 2 1 0 rule and other bedtime rituals etc.

There is nothing wrong with these diets and regimens, but all these practices have one thing in common and that is common sense plus making the right choices. Start with what is familiar to you and what you can easily achieve. For example, ensuring you eat fresh, unprocessed meals and less sugary snacks. Try being active every day, for example, walk to the shops, walk to the end of the road and back, twice, three times, till you get to at least 20 minutes of walking.

Start with one goal at a time. Be consistent with it. Then build on it, slowly but with a commitment to a new healthier you. Once you find that you can integrate this in your day-to-day habits, then you can introduce other things.

This is the power of the ordinary – small changes in what we do every day, better day-to-day habits, will have beneficial effects for our health. Grand gestures and adopting practices that we are unfamiliar may not only be very challenging but also difficult to sustain. If we are consistent, we will eventually get to our best health. Master the ordinary first, the extraordinary will follow.

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